After five years as the “Greater Binghamton Footskills Academy”, the program has begun to head in a new direction. The new name is Riley Development Academy, also known as RDA.  RDA will now be much more than teaching basic foot skills.  The Fall/Winter academy will now be more of an all around development academy.  The new curriculum will now focus on all aspects of the game, and will work to develop a more well-rounded soccer player instead of focusing on ONLY footskills.  The development academy will now cover the following: footskills, dribbling, passing, receiving, moves, turns, shooting, juggling, and playing.  Read more about the development academy under the Training Academies link


In the Spring, the academy will offer a 6 week 3 v 3 league that will be played with a Futsal ball.  A Futsal ball is smaller and heavier than your traditional soccer ball.  Futsal will tremendously improve each player’s technical abilities, and is one of the most popular forms of soccer in the world. Read more about 3v3 under the Training Academies link


In the Summer, the academy offers a number of different training opportunities. Summer programs run for 6 weeks. The following programs are offered in the summer: Passing/receiving Academy, Crash Academy, and Finishing Fridays. (Read more about these programs under the Training Academies link


Here at the Academy our staff will focus on developing a truly modern-day player. One that is very skillful, strong, fast, and most importantly knows the game. We really thrive on the word effort, and try to teach the kids how hard you have to work to become successful.



Breaking news, the Riley Development Academy is now the Riley Development Academy! We have a new logo, look, feel and attitude!

Riley Development Academy

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